AS Tallinna Vesi Operations Performance in Q1 2011

The operational performance of AS Tallinna Vesi in the first quarter of 2011 was considerably better than in the first quarter of 2010, although the weather conditions presented several challenges for the Company’s specialists. Structural changes made in 2010 are now demonstrating clear results in improved customer service.

Operation Performance
2010 Q1
2011 Q1
Water compliance at customers premises %
Total number of customer interruptions (without informing)
Average unplanned interruption time per property hrs
Number of customer complaints regarding water pressure
Loss of water in distribution system %
Number of sewer blockings
Number of sewer collapses
Wastewater treatment compliance %
Share of recycled sludge %
Tap water quality is 100% compliant
During the first quarter of 2011, the Company has actively been dealing with building consumer confidence in the quality of drinking water.  Drinking water quality is at its all time highest, proven by the fact that 100% of all the samples taken at customers premises have been compliant with all requirements.
AS Tallinna Vesi launched a consumer awareness campaign to promote ordering tap water at restaurants and also launched a promotional campaign advocating the consumption of tap water with the endorsement of athlete Mikk Pahapill.
Network performance is better than last year
The actual average length of customer interruptions was less than 4 hours in the first quarter, decreasing by half an hour compared to the first quarter of the previous year.
The level of blockages and floodings in the sewer network decreased by 18,6% compared to 2010, greatly contributing to the better protection of the immediate environment.
Despite the challenging weather conditions in the beginning of the year, the level of leakages is less than during the same period last year –  only 20,28% of the water remains unbilled, while proactive work should ensure meeting the year-end target of 19%.
Proactive cleaning of the wastewater network and pumping stations during the quarter will ensure that the increasing flows resulting from melting snow during April and May will not have a detrimental impact on the day-to-day lives of Tallinners.
Wastewater is treated to the highest standards
AS Tallinna Vesi’s wastewater treatment plant in Paljassaare treated the sewage collected from the City to the highest standards, meeting all contractual and legal requirements. Increasing nitrogen loads require an additional treatment stage and thus a new biofilter is being constructed in Paljassaare, set to be completed and operational in August. The biofilter is a part of a 12.8 million euro investment into keeping the Bay of Tallinn clean in the future as well.
Proactive communication with customers helps to avoid unpleasant surprises
Several work processes at AS Tallinna Vesi were critically reviewed in 2010 and necessary changes were made in areas requiring urgent attention based on customer satisfaction feedback. The implementation of the changes has changed the way the Company interacts with the customers, as more proactive communication gives the  customers the possibility to get information in an easier and timely manner, thus diminishing the possibility of any negative surprises.
Altogether 97,54% of emergency interruptions on working days were with notifications, where customers were told what would be done and by what time. This  allows the clients to be notified of service interruptions in advance, enabling them to make necessary changes for coping with the temporary loss of water services or any other discomfort.