Submit your water meter reading in our upgraded Self-Service to win awesome prizes

Read more about the campaign and submit your water meter reading in our Self-Service:

Changes in the self-service environment

In order to change the functionality of AS Tallinna Vesi’s self-service environment and make its use more customer-friendly, we have made changes in the Self-service. For using the new self-service environment you need to have a bilaterally signed contract. Read more here.

Flush your plumbing when you return from your holidays

With the arrival of warm weather, many Tallinners move out of the city to enjoy the summer. To enjoy fresh tap water again when you return home, we remind you that the plumbing must be flushed before it can be used again. Read more here.

Free drinking water taps are open across Tallinn

Tallinn has a total of nine public drinking water taps across the city. The locations of the public drinking water taps in Tallinn are marked on an interactive map. Read more here.

Compost soil is handed out again in August

In August, the compost soil is again handed out for free to natural or legal persons holding a required waste permit or a proper registration certificate from the Environmental Board. Read more…

For the benefit of a clean Baltic Sea

Wastewater treatment at Paljassaare plant contributes significantly to the creation of a pure environment for the Baltic Sea. Since 2006 Tallinn is no longer included in the Helcom list of hotspots. This has been an excellent recognition of our investments made in the continuous improvement of our wastewater treatment process.

Water is blue, I am green

Environment is important for us. We do our best to find environmentally friendly solutions in our work and to increase the environmental awareness of the population.

We create better life with pure water

Our performance impacts the environment and the quality of life of almost one third of the population in Estonia. Supplying high quality drinking water as well as leading off wastewater and storm water and conducting it back to the nature after treatment requires strong contribution and arduous efforts from our professional staff.


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Tallinna Vesi will be providing water service for Männiku tee area in Saku Municipality

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Submit your water meter reading in our upgraded Self-Service to win awesome prizes

Although giving a meter reading may seem like an annoying task, it benefits both the customer and the water company....

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