Administrative agreements

Tallinn City Council has approved the new Administrative Contract, approved by the Supervisory Council of AS Tallinna Vesi, with its Decision No 114 of 03/11/2022. One of the main purposes of this contract is to supply water to the customers of the public water supply and sewerage system in Tallinn and conduct and treat wastewater, stormwater, drainage water and other soil and surface water. The administrative duty was approved and AS Tallinna Vesi was appointed as the water undertaker within the main licensed territory for the next ten years, i.e. until 30.11.2032 (incl.). The current Services Agreement, entered into between AS Tallinna Vesi and the City of Tallinn on 12.01.2001, expires on 30.11.2022, the new Administrative Contract is entered into for the period of 01.12.2022-30.11.2032 (incl.).

The 12.01.2001 Services Agreement and its amendments signed with the City of Tallinn are complex public-private partnership (PPP) contracts, which regulate on which conditions parties have agreed to provide water services to the citizens of Tallinn.