Payment of bills

Bill can be paid:

  • in our self-service environment;
  • by using an e-invoice with standing order: In case of an e-invoice with standing order agreement, we make sure together with the bank that your invoice is paid in a timely manner – for the Internet bank users we send the e-invoice to the Internet bank and the invoice is paid automatically from your account on the payment date. If you do not use the Internet bank, or if someone else is paying your bills using an e-invoice with standing order, we send you the invoice in previously agreed manner and, in addition to that, also send the e-invoice to the bank. Sign the e-invoice with standing order agreement in the bank office or at the Internet bank.
  • at our Customer Service office, Ädala 10 where you can pay with a bank card only and cash payments are not accepted;
  • at post offices of Omniva.