Management Board

Karl Heino Brookes
Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer
The Supervisory Council of AS Tallinna Vesi appointed Karl Heino Brookes as a member of the Management Board from 20th of March 2014 and since the beginning of June 2014 he is the Chief Executive Officer of AS Taliinna Vesi. Karl has nearly 30 years of experience in utilities sector, both in UK and internationally. Since 2011 up until now, he worked as the Head of Operations in Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions. Prior to this Karl had worked for nearly 25 years in United Utilities Group in a variety of senior management roles. Karl Brookes does not own any shares in AS Tallinna Vesi.



Riina Käi
Chief Financial Officer

Riina Käi joined AS Tallinna Vesi as a Chief Financial Officer at the end of October 2012. Prior to that she had gained a broad professional experience in financial accounting and management, working as a development manager, financial manager, financial controller and chief accountant in various companies. Riina Käi holds a Bachelor’s degree (specialising in Financial Accounting and Management) as well as a Master’s degree in Economic Sciences from Tallinn University of Technology. She has been a member of FCCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) since 2009 and a Member of the Board of the Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance since 2016. Riina Käi owns 100 shares in AS Tallinna Vesi.



Aleksandr Timofejev
Chief Operations Officer

Aleksandr Timofejev has been working in various positions in AS Tallinna Vesi after joining the company in 2007. Since 2011, he has been a member of the Executive Team of the Company and has been involved in the development and implementation of several strategic decisions. Aleksandr holds a Master’s degree from Tallinn University of Technology in Environmental Engineering, and specialises in Water Engineering. He holds a diploma in Water and Wastewater Engineering, Level 7, issued by the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers. Aleksandr has completed Senior Executive studies at Ashridge Business School in the United Kingdom. Aleksandr Timofejev is also a Member of the Management Board of the Estonian Water Works Association. Aleksandr Timofejev does not own any shares in AS Tallinna Vesi.