• As of 31.12.2018, the Company has 5,125 shareholders.
  • The Company has 20 million A-shares and 1 B-share. 30% i.e. 6,000,000 of A-shares have been listed on the Tallinn Stock Exchange main list since 1.06.2005.
  • 20.5% of the free float is owned by foreign institutional investors, 20.7% is owned by Estonian institutional investors and 58.8% of the free float is owned by retail investors.
  • Apart from the main investors United Utilities (Tallinn) B.V. and the City of Tallinn, no single investor holds more than 2% of the Company’s share capital.
  • Of the members of Supervisory and Management Board, only a Management Board member Riina Käi owns 100 shares.



Share capital as per the number of shares acquired as of 31.12.2018