AS Tallinna Vesi´s Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders was carried out on Tuesday, 22nd of November 2005, from 14:00 – 15:00 in the Gamma Hall of Reval Hotel Olümpia (Liivalaia 33).

Decisions of the Extraordinary General Meeting:

Shareholders of AS Tallinna Vesi approved with 99.95% of votes in favour the proposal made by the Management Board of AS Tallinna Vesi regarding the Council member´s annual remuneration to be 100 000 EEK. Applicable taxes are withheld from the remuneration package which is paid on monthly basis.

The background information and explanation for the remuneration of AS Tallinna Vesi’s Supervisory Council members can be found here.

In addition, members of the Council are compensated for reasonable costs derived from their participation in Council meetings (e.g. travel expenses, accommodation costs).

Besides the above mentioned, the City of Tallinn made a proposal to include into the meeting´s agenda the removal of Jüri Ratas from the Council and electing Rein Ratas as the member of the Council. This proposal received shareholders´ approval.

Jüri Ratas was AS Tallinna Vesi´s Council member as of April 2005. Due to Jüri Ratas becoming the mayor of Tallinn, he can no longer be AS Tallinna Vesi´s Council member.

The following decisions were made:
  • With 99,99% of votes in favour to remove Jüri Ratas from the Council;
  • With 99,95% of votes in favour to elect Rein Ratas as the member of the Council.

During the meeting were represented 14 020 213 votes out of the company´s total of 20 million votes. Proposal regarding the Council member´s remuneration package is available here. Overview of the documentation required for the General Meeting´s participation is available here (EST).

The minutes of the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of 22.11.2005 can be found here.