Health and safety policy

Safety is an inseparable and integral part of our business and its day to day operation. It is of paramount importance in everything we do, and we will not accept any compromises. We are committed to ensuring a safe environment to our employees, customers and cooperation partners, by promoting a safe working environment and practices.

  • We are committed to preventing work accidents and sicknesses and providing safe and healthy working conditions.
  • We follow and meet all requirements applicable to us. We strive to do more than we are expected to by the legal acts, and follow internationally recognized good practices.
  • We focus on continuous improvement of company’s occupational health and safety performance.
  • We ensure proper control over all the risks associated with health and safety, which may occur in our work.
  • We do everything in our powers to mitigate, and if this is not possible then to solve possible emergencies and crisis situations as soon as possible.
  • We consider it important to keep an ongoing dialogue with our employees on matters related to health and safety and we involve staff and employee representatives in discussions.
  • We provide instruction, ongoing training and supervision for employees, to ensure they continuously use safe working practices.
  • In view of the significant dangers, we will ensure the creation of a safe work through the necessary means.
  • We provide our employees with various benefits, and encourage them to pursue a healthy lifestyle.
  • We are committed to continuously improving our occupational health and safety management system.