The share capital of Tallinna Vesi is made up of 20,000,000 A-shares with the nominal value of €0.6 per share and one B-share as a preferred share with the nominal value of €60 per share.

No shareholders have shares granting them the right for specific control. AS Tallinna Vesi is unaware of any shareholders having concluded any voting arrangements.

The B-share grants the holder the right to participate in General Meetings, in the distribution of profits and disposal of assets remaining upon dissolution of AS Tallinna Vesi and other rights provided by law and by the Articles of Association of AS Tallinna Vesi. The B-share grants the holder preferential right to receive a dividend to an agreed sum of €600.

The B-share grants the shareholder 1 [one] vote at the General Meeting (restricted right to vote] when deciding on amendments to the Articles of Association of AS Tallinna Vesi, on increasing or reducing the share capital of AS Tallinna Vesi, on issuing convertible bonds, on acquisition of treasury shares by AS Tallinna Vesi, on deciding on a merger, division, transformation and/or dissolution of AS Tallinna Vesi, and on deciding issues related to the activities of AS Tallinna Vesi that have not been placed under the exclusive jurisdiction of the General Meeting by the law.

Tallinna Vesi is a listed company with its shares listed on the Tallinna Stock Exchange’s main list since 1 June 2005. 24.58% of the company’s shares are freely transferable on the Nasdaq Baltic market.

As of 25/05/2021, Tallinna Vesi’s shareholders with a direct holding over 5% were the City of Tallinn (55.06%) and OÜ Utilitas (20.36%).