Quality policy

We aim to provide our customers with a high-quality drinking water and to collect and treat wastewater and stormwater in an environmentally-friendly manner.

  • We act responsibly, following the principles of corporate social responsibility and ethics. We are fully aware of the impact that our activity has on the health and quality of life of people.
  • We follow and meet all requirements applicable to us. We strive to do more than we are expected to by the legal acts and follow generally recognized good practices.
  • We are a good partner for our customers. We are not afraid of giving promises and taking responsibility for keeping those.
  • We believe that it is by involving our various stakeholders and through open and honest dialogue that we can strive for continuous development to improve our services, quality and work organisation.
  • We follow the principle of continuous improvement in our activity, by implementing sustainable solutions and consistently improving our services and work organization.
  • We provide our stakeholders with relevant and timely information.
  • We are committed to continuously improving our quality management system.