2022: Information about Supervisory Council member candidate

Silver Tamm

Silver Tamm has been nominated as a candidate for a Supervisory Council member by the City of Tallinn. Silver Tamm is the Head of Treasury of the City of Tallinn as well as he fulfills the obligations of the Financial Director of the City of Tallinn since September 2021. Mr Tamm’s service in the City of Tallinn started in 2001 as an analyst of the Treasury Department and since 2007 he serves as the head of the department. The Treasury manages among other things everything that concern taxes, involvement of long- and short- term investments and managing the financial risks, as well as has the responsibility for the preparation of the budget of the City.  Silver Tamm has a bachelors’ degree from Tartu University in the field of modelling economical processes and he has developed himself in various professional and leadership programmes. Silver Tamm has not been AS Tallinna Vesi’s Supervisory Council member before. Silver Tamm does not own any shares of AS Tallinna Vesi.