Environmental policy

We are the largest water utility company in Estonia and our activity has an impact on nearly one third of the Estonian population. We are fully aware of that fact, by providing a service that is compliant with all associated requirements. We influence the quality of life of people living in Tallinn, its surrounding municipalities as well as all around the Baltic Sea. We take this impact into account fully, and also the impact we have on the surrounding living and natural environment, and the interfaces with the various different stakeholder interests.

  • We act responsibly, taking into account the impact that our activity has on the surrounding natural environment and community.
  • We follow and meet all requirements applicable to us, and repeatedly strive to do more than we are expected to.
  • We protect and value the natural environment we operate in. We make continuous efforts to reduce and avoid pollution in the name of a cleaner environment.
  • We use the resources – including energy and water – sustainably and continuously keep looking for new ways of making our processes more environment-friendly and efficient.
  • We act responsibly toward the environment, introducing our knowledge and mind-set to the local communities and cooperation partners.
  • We are committed to continuously improving our quality management system.