Compost Soil

This year, compost soil is only delivered to customers who meet the requirements on the use of sludge, as established in the Waste Act. Pursuant to the Waste Act, the sludge and the compost soil that has been produced from the sludge are regarded as a waste (Waste List, code 19 08 05), unless the requirements set in the Regulation No 24 by the Minister of Environment have been met. For this, the user of sludge shall have a waste permit or a proper registration (registration certificate from the Environmental Board). In addition to that, the user of sludge must comply with the additional obligations prescribed by the Regulation No 78 by the Minister of Environment ”Requirements on the use of sludge in agriculture, landscaping and recultivation”. These obligations mostly concern reporting and taking soil samples from the location of using the sludge. See also the latest analyse results (EST) of the compost soil produced from sludge.

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