Report a reading

Please submit your water meter reading on time set in the contract. Reading must be submitted even if there has been no consumption.

You can submit the reading conveniently:

  • in our self-service environment − here you can report the reading, see the consumption and payment history, pay the bills, etc.;
  • via a readings link − you do not need to log in to submit the reading; bill will be sent to you using the channel that has been agreed before;
  • by e-mail −; make sure you include the exact address of consumption site and the water meter reading;
  • by using a mobile application − to use the application, please download the „Tallinna Vesi Customer Application“, which is available for AndroidMicrosoft and Apple platforms; you can log in to the application by using the password that you receive in our self-service enrvironment or by using the mobile-ID;
  • by phone − 62 62 200 during the customer service´s opening times;
  • by arranging a payment plan.
Estimated bill

Why is the bill issued based on the estimated water meter reading?

We will issue an estimated bill, in case the actual water meter reading has not been submitted to us by the time set in the contract.

What is the estimated reading?

This means that we issue a bill for the reading that has been calculated based on the last 12 months average water consumption. Estimated bill may not reflect the actual consumption. To correct the estimated bill, please submit us your actual water meter reading.

How can I avoid receiving an estimated bill?

For this, please submit your actual water meter reading up to 5 days before or on the 5th day after the set billing period, by the latest.

What are the options if reporting the reading is inconvenient?

In case you do not wish to report the readings, we suggest you arrange a payment plan. With that, you would only need to submit your water meter reading once a year. Throughout the year you will pay for the water and sewer services on a monthly or quarterly basis, according to the average consumption set in the payment plan. Read more about the payment plan.