Discharge services in Tallinn

Pursuant to the Rules for onsite treatment and disposal of wastewater established in Tallinn:

  • The company providing discharge service is required to have a contract with the water undertaking, in whose area the service is rendered. Customers are entitled to request the company providing the service to present the confirmation on the existence of the contract with the water undertaking.
  • The company providing discharge service is required to issue to the customer a document stating the use of the service. The document must contain the address, where the service was provided, and the volume of sewage disposed.

Find out where your wastewater goes – to the treatment plant or as a pollution to the environment?

AS Tallinna Vesi has two official discharge locations in Tallinn.

AS Tallinna Vesi has an existing contract with the following companies providing the service:

  • Geotrans OÜ
  • Fekalist OÜ
  • AS Connecto Eesti
  • Hansadiil OÜ
  • HardiTrans OÜ
  • HKScan Estonia AS
  • Karjääritööde OÜ
  • Keila Eritehnika OÜ
  • Kemmerling OÜ
  • KVD Systems OÜ
  • Multivara Transport OÜ
  • NewPlanet OÜ
  • Ramirent Baltic AS
  • Ragn-Sells AS
  • Rentman OÜ
  • Roman Rudakov FIE
  • Ruut Trants OÜ
  • Sagro AS
  • Sergei Ojamäe FIE
  • Sobinjakov Konstantin FIE
  • Survepesu OÜ
  • Toi Toi Eesti OÜ
  • Toruabi OÜ
  • Trans-Toomapojad OÜ
  • Vaggen AS
  • OÜ Survepesu24.ee
  • Uniclean OÜ
  • Valdor Trans OÜ