Sewer discharge services in Tallinn

Be aware of where your wastewater ends up – does it end up in a treatment plant or as pollution in the environment?

In accordance with “Regulations on On-Site Treatment and Disposal of Waste Water” of the city of Tallinn:

  • The company providing the purging service must have a contract with the water company in whose area of operation the purging takes place. The customer has the right to demand confirmation from the company about the conclusion of the contract with the water company.
  • The company providing the purging service undertakes to issue the customer with a document on the provision of the service, in which the address of the place of consumption and the quantity of waste water removed are stated. The customer must keep the documents proving the disposal of wastewater for at least one year and, if necessary, submit them to the supervisor.

Supervision is carried out by the Tallinn Urban Environment and Public Works Department.


If you notice any suspicious activity or illegal purging, please report it to AS Tallinna Vesi (phone 626 2200 or e-mail: or to Tallinn Urban Environment and Public Works Department (phone 645 7191 or e-mail:

Take care of your on-site treatment systems:

  • Empty your own collection tank regularly
  • Make sure your collection tank does not leak into the environment
  • Keep the surroundings of your own tank tidy

Purging sites in Tallinn

The price list for purging at the purging sites of AS Tallinna Vesi can be found here.

AS Tallinna Vesi has two official purging sites: Raba 44 and Paldiski mnt 225. Purging elsewhere in the area of ​​operation in Tallinn is prohibited. The water company has the right to refuse to purge wastewater that comes from outside the service area.

Raba 44 is open: Monday to Friday 9.00-17.00

Paldiski mnt 225 is open: Monday to Sunday 6.00-23.00

The following companies have a valid purging contract with AS Tallinna Vesi (as of 01.11.2022):

  • Trans-Toomapojad OÜ
  • Geotrans OÜ
  • HardiTrans OÜ
  • Sergei Ojamäe FIE
  • Ragn-Sells AS
  • Multivara OÜ
  • Fekalist OÜ
  • Veo Ekspert OÜ
  • Kostas Vedu OÜ
  • Roman Rudakov FIE
  • Valdor Trans OÜ
  • Fekto OÜ
  • BUCHEN Industrial Services Baltikum OÜ
  • NewPlanet OÜ
  • Toruabi OÜ
  • OÜ
  • Survepesu OÜ
  • Watercom OÜ
  • Vaggen AS
  • Rentman OÜ
  • Käimlarent OÜ
  • Kemmerling OÜ
  • United Capital OÜ
  • Cramo Estonia AS