2021: Total number of voting rights and number of voting rights by share type

AS Tallinna Vesi (hereinafter ASTV) has 20,000,001 (twenty million and one) shares in total. Out of the total number of shares, 20,000,000 (twenty million) shares are voting shares (hereinafter the A-shares) and 1 (one) share is a restricted voting share (hereinafter the B-share) owned by the company.

Each ASTV’s A-share provides its holder with 1 (one) vote at the general meeting of shareholders of ASTV and the right to participate in the general meeting of shareholders of ASTV, in the distribution of profits and in the distribution of the remaining assets upon dissolution of ASTV as well as any other rights set forth in law and ASTV’s Articles of Association.

ASTV’s B-share, which is ASTV’s treasury share, grants the holder no rights at the general meeting.