Environmental objectives

We understand that our activity has a significant impact on the surrounding natural environment. Therefore, our objective is to burden the environment with our activities as little as possible. We monitor the impact of our operations on the environment, the quality of life of the population, as well as our partners, by identifying and keeping in check the existing and potential negative and positive consequences. To maintain and improve customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of our environmental performance, each year we agree upon the environmental objectives on the Company level, as well as for each department and employee.

Our environmental objectives:

  • To reduce the loss of clean water through leaks by minimising the proportion of leaks.
  • To comply with all requirements established in water use permits issued by the Environmental Board.
  • To dispose of all stabilised sewage sludge without depositing it in landfills.
  • To reduce the amount of unstabilised sewage sludge by managing sewage sludge volumes and treatment in an optimal way.
  • To utilise the sand collected from sand traps by mixing the cleaned sand with sewage sludge.
  • To construct a cogeneration plant at the sewage treatment plant.
  • To increase environmental awareness in connection with the company’s operations among various stakeholders in order to enhance and protect the image of the company.
  • To increase the sorting of mixed municipal waste in the company.