2021: Questions and answers

Q: Will the current shareholders receive dividends for 2020, and if yes, then when?

A: At the moment, no decision has been made on the payment of dividends. Shareholders will be informed as soon as the decision has been taken on whether or not to propose the payment of dividends to the general meeting.

Q: I was confused by the invite to voting, which stated: „Shareholders are invited to vote on the draft resolutions provided below by filling in the ballot on the website of the Company www.tallinnavesi.ee and send the votes along with the documents certifying the right of representation, listed below, to the Management Board of the Company no later than 9.00 (here and hereafter Estonian time) on Thursday, 1 April 2021.“

At the end of the same invite: „The notice of adoption of resolutions of shareholders of AS Tallinna Vesi without convening a general meeting will be published in the daily newspaper Eesti Päevaleht on 10 March 2021.“ Do I understand it right, is there no contradiction here, should it perhaps be 10 April?

A: 10 March refers to the date of publishing the notice in the newspaper. The wording on the form stating the decision-making procedure of shareholders may be confusing “adoption of resolutions of shareholders without convening a general meeting“. This is a substitute procedure for adopting resolutions by convening a general meeting. Votes will be counted on 1 April, the information about the adoption of resolutions will be published on 1 April and the voting record will be published no later than 7 days after 1 April.