Interruptions information

Water supply interruptions may be related to planned works or an emergency situation.

Planned Interruptions

When we plan repair works or water closures, we will inform customers about any related water interruptions at least 5 calendar days in advance. You can also find information about any planned interruptions from Tallinn City Operative Information Site. Search engine on that site enables to look for any water interruptions by city district or street name.

Emergency Interruptions

Emergency repair works cannot be planned, they emerge unexpectedly and require immediate action. The most operative information about emergency repair works can be obtained from our 24hrs Emergency Line 62 62 400. At the first opportunity, we will enter information about the ongoing works also into Tallinn City Operative Information Site, where you can search for any water interruptions by city districts and streets.

Please find here the information on emergency interruptions we are currently working on:

  • The affected addresses stands for the houses, where we need to cut off the water supply for the time we fix a water burst.
  • The start of the interruption stands for the time when the water is cut off.
  • The end of the interruption marks the very latest time the water supply would be restored. We will do our best to restore the water supply as soon as possible. Thus, the water supply may actually be restored earlier than the time set as the end of interruption.

Emergency Interruptions

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