Entering into a connection contract with a developer

The development agreement is intended for cases when a developer wishes to construct public water supply and sewerage pipelines and pumping stations in the service area of AS Tallinna Vesi.

The contact person of AS Tallinna Vesi in terms of entering into development contracts is Reno Mihkelson, the project manager for the construction of supply points (5387 9265, tvesi@tvesi.ee).

Please familiarise yourself with the form of the subscription contract (real estate development) and prepare the following annexes:

Subscription contract (real estate development) form (EST)

Annex 1 – A blueprint of the construction project (example)

Annex 2 – Cost of construction

Annex 4 – List of registered immovables

Annex 6 – Construction timeline and the planned working time on the construction site (in a free format)

The developer shall agree with the local government about future ownership and the construction of drainage and rain water systems on public streets in the volume specified in the development agreement.

The local government issuing an authorisation for use of the pipelines in Annex 1 does not mean that the registered immovables in Annex 4 can join the pipelines constructed under the development agreement. The registered immovables in Annex 4 can only enter into a subscription contract to join the pipelines constructed under the development agreement after the water company and the developer have concluded an instrument of delivery and receipt.

Concluding an instrument of delivery and receipt requires:

  • a legal instrument prepared by owner supervision on allowing the use of the pipelines;
  • personal rights of use in favour of AS Tallinna Vesi; and
  • a three-year construction guarantee by the developer pursuant to clause 2.9. of the general terms and conditions of the development agreement.

From October 2022, owner supervision in the construction of public water supply and sewerage facilities of AS Tallinna Vesi is performed by framework agreement partners who are pre-qualified in the tendering procedure. Tallinna Vesi AS conducts a reopening of competition between these partners in order to distribute specific tasks under development agreements.

Partners of the owner supervision framework agreement:

Taalri Varahaldus AS
Vihmer OÜ
P.P. Ehitusjärelevalve OÜ
Watercom OÜ
Tallinna Linnaehituse AS
Keskkonnaprojekt OÜ
Ehitusagentuur OÜ
Infragate Eesti AS