Wastewater treatment

Where does the wastewater go?

Tap water that has been used (for example in toilet, bathroom, kitchen or in some household appliance) ends up in nature. This water, however, contains large amounts of pollutants and nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus compounds), which cause excessive growth of aquatic plants and deterioration in water quality that can lead to vegetal invasion of waters.

To avoid the pollution, it is extremely important that the wastewater gets treated thoroughly before discharged to the environment. Wastewater discharged by the customers of Tallinna Vesi flows along the sewerage pipes and after reaching the wastewater treatment plant in Paljassaare, passes a complex treatment process. Water must be treated in accordance with the high quality requirements set by the law.

As a result of a good daily operating of the plant, efficient dosing of chemicals, and the new biofilter which was launched a few years ago, the water that flows out of the wastewater treatment plant is odorless and uncoloured, safe to the environment and compliant with all the requirements.