Drinking water quality

Quality of drinking water has a significant impact on public health and wellbeing. Tap water quality in the capital city has been comparable to that of any country in Western Europe for several years now, and therefore we keep encouraging people to drink tap water. Strict legal requirements are set for the quality of drinking water and this quality is monitored in line with the drinking water monitoring programs approved by the Health Board. Water quality is best characterized by the compliance with the legislative acts.

2021 customer satisfaction survey, carried out by an independent research agency EMOR, confirmed that our customers and consumers trust tap water quality more and more. About 90% of end-consumers drank tap water, while in 2011 this number was only 48%. This proves also how important it is to focus on increasing the consumers’ awareness about the tap water quality.

In 2021, 99.61% of all the water samples taken were compliant with all the requirements. Steadily high level of quality is a result of an efficient water treatment process, a timely maintenance done on the water pipelines and preventive actions reducing the number of water bursts on the network.

Average water quality parameters in 2023:

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