Issue of bills

What is an e-bill?

It is a bill that reaches you through the electronic channels. E-bill is a quick and safe way for sending the bills. By waiving the paper bills you will make a present to nature, because no paper is needed for sending an e-bill. The less paper, the more trees!

What are the ways for paper-free billing?

  • Our self-service environment. All your bills are safely collected in one place where you can see and pay them at any time. In self-service, you may also have the bill sent to your e-mail address − that way you do not need to log in separately, you just enter your mailbox.
  • Bill to your e-mail address. You can subscribe for your e-bill to be sent to your e-mail address. To see the bill, Acrobat Reader program is required, which you can download here.
  • environment. This is an internet portal for subscribing, changing or cancelling e-bills. Once logged in, you can select the companies from whom you wish to receive e-bills. You can also choose the channel where the bills will be sent. When you join portal, your bills will be sent to the channel that you have selected in environment.