Areas of activity

We are responsible for treating and supplying drinking water to our customers and for leading off and treating wastewater in Tallinn. Every day, we give approximately 70 million litres of drinking water to the water network, and collect and direct 120 million litres of wastewater to our wastewater treatment plant where it will be treated and, after turning into environmentally safe effluent, discharged to the sea.

Our work in treating and using this valuable natural resource for the benefit of our customers, residents, visitors and the environment requires careful and long-term planning.

We have established strategic objectives, which balance the requirements of our various stakeholders. We aim to:
  • Achieve operational excellence (with a strong emphasis on environment protection)
  • Achieve customer service excellence
  • Grow the water and sewerage services area of the company
  • Deliver shareholder value
With a committed and customer-driven team we are able to achieve the objectives listed above.
We have set ourselves the objectives that enable us to meet customer expectations, overcome challenges in the future and to strike a balance between the interests of all the stakeholders. We aim to:
  • Continue improving the water quality
  • Secure continuous water supply
  • Preserve the environment by reducing the leakage rate
  • Prevent situations where our sewerage system is flooding the residential and commercial estates
  • Continue improving the environmental status and to contribute to cleaner seawater in Tallinn Bay
  • Provide a wider range of products and services to the customers
  • Develop an open and bilateral dialogue with customers
  • Expand company’s activity in the neighbouring municipalities of Tallinn
  • Prepare and implement a strategy for the company’s expansion to the Baltic countries
  • Produce for investors a long-term attractive return on their investments