2013: Procedure for inquiring about AS Tallinna Vesi’s activities from the Management Board

During the general meeting, after the agenda items of the meeting have been exhausted, including any additional items, the shareholders may inquire about Tallinna Vesi Plc’s activities from the Management Board of Tallinna Vesi Plc.

Shareholders may submit their questions either verbally or in writing, addressing the chairman of the general meeting. The chairman of the general meeting may answer the question himself if informed about the matter or ask a member of the Management Board with respective information to answer the question.

The Management Board may refuse to disclose information, if this may significantly damage Tallinna Vesi Plc’s interests. In case the Management Board refuses to disclose information, the shareholder has the right to immediately demand for the general meeting to discuss the legitimacy of his/her request as an additional item on the agenda or to submit an application in petition proceedings to the courts to oblige the Management Board to disclose information.