2019: Procedure for adding items to the agenda and presenting draft resolutions

Shareholders, whose shareholding represents at least 1/20 of the share capital, may request for additional issues to be added to the agenda of the general meeting provided that the respective request is submitted in writing by post or in electronic format at least fifteen (15) days prior to the general meeting, by 14 May 2019 (inclusive) at the latest.

A draft resolution or substantiation shall be submitted in writing (by post or in electronic format) for each additional matter proposed to be included in the agenda of the general meeting.

The general meeting allows the presentation of questions that are within the competence of the general meeting according to Commercial Code § 298.

A request for an addition to the agenda submitted without a relevant draft resolution or substantiation, means that the proposal has not been submitted properly in accordance with the requirements of the law and such proposal cannot be considered at the general meeting, therefore, it will not be regarded as an additional agenda item at the general meeting.

Shareholders, whose shares represent at least 1/20 of the share capital, may submit a draft of the resolution in respect to each item on the agenda, both those in the general meeting’s notice and other shareholders’ proposals for additional agenda items, in writing not later than three (3) days before the general meeting. Therefore, the proposed draft resolutions must be submitted by post or in electronic format so that AS Tallinna Vesi would receive those by the end of day (i.e. 23:59 GMT+3) on 26 May 2019 at the very latest.

The proposals for additional agenda items duly submitted to AS Tallinna Vesi and the draft resolutions or substantiations proposed on both existing and additional agenda items, along with the shareholder’s name who proposed it, shall be published on AS Tallinna Vesi’s website on the working day following the receipt of the proposal. The numeration of additional agenda items shall begin with the number following the number of the last agenda item stated in the notice of the general meeting, i.e. additional agenda items shall be added to the numeration of the initial agenda items.

At the beginning of the general meeting whilst introducing the agenda, the chairman of the general meeting shall introduce all agenda items, both those stated in the notice of the general meeting as well as any additional agenda items, also the respective draft resolutions or substantiations, including alternative draft resolutions put forward for the initial agenda items stated in the notice of the general meeting.