Water metering unit

It is the responsibility of the customer as the owner to ensure that the water metering unit meets the requirements and to arrange for the construction/reconstruction of the water metering unit, following the technical specifications (EST) set out by AS Tallinna Vesi. Since Tallinna Vesi does not provide the said service, the customer will have to contact the service provider offering construction/reconstruction of the water metering unit, who performs plumbing works that comply with the requirements. We suggest that you ask for quotes from at least three different service providers to find the contractor best suited for the works. Below is a list of potential service providers who have the technical specifications for water metering units set out by Tallinna Vesi*:

E.M Water OÜ – ph 56 61 85 53, e-mail: info@emwater.ee
Evald Rosenkron OÜ – ph 50 24 165, e-mail: evaldrosenkron@gmail.com
Les Grottes OÜ – ph 59 05 74 33, e-mail: andrus.treier@neti.ee
Mardisoo OÜ – ph 55 51 28 58, e-mail: info@mardisoo.ee
Pitskruvi OÜ – ph 50 50 278, e-mail: toomasasku@gmail.com
RempFast OÜ – ph 56 93 43 70, e-mail: rempfast@gmail.com

* This is a non-exhaustive list and therefore the customer has a free choice and the right to use also service providers not listed here to carry out the works.

For service providers who want to have their information to be included in the list, please contact tvesi@tvesi.ee.