Problems with manhole covers

Please report missing manhole covers or dangerous manholes to Tallinna Teede AS or our Customer Service at +372 62 62 200 or the emergency line +372 62 62 400 .

  • Do not climb into a street manhole without a particular need. It might be deeper than it first seems. Also, the manhole may be filled with gas or water. In case you need to enter the manhole, another person should stay up to help avoid any injuries or call help.
  • If possible, drive around the manhole cover – even at 50km/h driving speed the manhole cover may fly out from beneath the wheel and injure other vehicles or people.
  • Draw attention to safety also on green areas. Manholes may be uncovered there as well, and children at play may not notice them.
  • If possible, avoid water paddles and flooded streets. In flooded areas the manhole covers may shift due to the water pressure. Invisible bottom may hide an open manhole.
  • Stolen sewer manhole covers. Metal manholes are often stolen due to their valuable price, and replacing them is quite expensive for the owners.
  • If possible, mark a dangerous manhole. That way it will be easier to detect it and other road users will also notice the risk.
  • In case of a manhole-related accident, call the police who will fixate the situation and inform the manhole owner.

Pursuant to the Building Code § 97 (5), the owner of the road is liable to the person who sustained damage due to the non-conformity of the road to the requirements for road condition. Therefore, the owner of the road is liable to compensate the user of the road for the damage due to the road that was unserviceable.
Please address your damage claim to Tallinn Municipal Engineering Department.