Water emergency, leakage, pressure

In the event of water pressure problems, please call our 24hrs Emergency Line 62 62 400 or send an e-mail to tvesi@tvesi.ee

We definitely recommend you to check the system inside the building to ensure that the network inside the house functions well and, if needed, to clean the filters or renovate the pipes.

In the case of an emergency where the leak site is located before the water meter, please immediately call our 24hrs Emergency Line 62 62 400.
Our emergency team finds out who is the owner of the pipe and depending on the location of the leak, informs the customer of what will be done next. The distribution of responsibility between the water undertaking and the customer for a good condition of the pipeline is determined by the connection point which is fixed in the boundary drawing signed as an annex to the Service Contract.Emergencies on pipelines maintained by AS Tallinna Vesi are fixed by the emergency team as soon as possible but not later than within 12 hours.If the emergency is on a pipe located inside the house, it shall be fixed by the customer. If it is not possible to shut up water supply inside the house, we turn off the property’s main tap until the emergency is fixed.

First of all, please check whether it is a planned water interruption on which you can find information from Tallinn City Operative Information Site HERE. If there are no planned interruptions in the area of your property, then the interruption might be caused by water emergency. In that case, please immediately call our 24hrs Emergency Line 62 62 400.