Mechanical water meters

Main water meters installed for contractual customers are owned by the water company. All the costs involved in the installation and maintenance of main water meters are incurred by the water company, but the verification or installation of intermediate water meters (e.g. those in apartments and gardening water meters) is the customers’ responsibility.

The readings can be reported:

  • in our Self Service environment – here you can report the reading, prepare a bill, see the history of consumption and bills, pay the bills etc.; the Self Service can be used by customers (authorised persons) holding a valid contract;
  • through the readings link – you do not need to log in to report the reading;
  • by e-mail: – please indicate the exact address of the consumption site and water meter reading;
  • by phone: 62 62 200 – you can report your reading 24hrs a day, by pressing 1;
  • by arranging a Payment Plan.

The aim is to prevent water from flowing back to the main from the property and protect the water meter from overheating.

The procedure of reporting water meter readings is agreed upon during the conclusion of the Service Contract. As a rule, the reading shall be reported either monthly or quarterly. Water meter readings shall be reported even if there is no actual water consumption. If it is inconvenient for you to report readings, you may suspend the contract and have the water supply turned off. Turning off/on the water supply is without charge.

According to the currently valid Metrology Act, the water meters which serve as a basis for the billing activities between the water company and the customer, must be calibrated in every 5 years. The housing associations and communities may use the calibrated water meters to measure the clean water for the purposes of their internal billing.

If the check-up reveals that the water meter’s accuracy of measurement is within the limits of permissible error (+/-4% or +/-10%), then the costs are incurred by the customer; if this is not the case, AS Tallinna Vesi covers the expenses. If the accuracy of measurement is beyond the limits of permissible error, a recalculation is made by the error of measurement for half of the period starting from the date when the water meter was installed in the house but not for more than 6 months.

No, we do not. We only install and maintain main water meters of private houses, apartment buildings, commercial buildings and production buildings. Main water meter is a meter which measures water consumption of the entire building and is usually located at the water metering point. The installation and maintenance of water meters in individual apartments shall be carried out by the apartment owner or the person responsible for the management of the building.

As a rule, you shall report the black digits or white digits on black background which indicate cubic metres.