The connection process consists of the following steps:

  • Applying for technical terms
  • Ordering design on the basis of the technical terms
  • Submitting the design to the water company for approval
  • Concluding the connection contract
  • Construction of network according to the connection contract and approved design.

Domestic customers can find more information on the connection process HERE and business customers HERE

Single connection – a registered immovable does not have a water and/or sewer connection or you wish to reconstruct the existing connections.

A single connection process is started in case the registered immovable is located in an area with the existing public water supply and sewerage network on the street and:
• the registered immovable’s owner is willing to connect the property to the public water supply and/or sewerage system (PWSSS) for the first time, and it does not qualify as a subsidy connection;
• the registered immovable’s owner is planning to renovate (reconstruct) the building, which has been connected to the public water supply and/or sewerage system:
• the registered immovable’s owner intends to build an extension or make alterations;
• the owner of a registered immovable connected to the PWSSS wishes to use extra services of water supply or disposal of wastewater and storm water and drainage water or other soil- or surface water or use such services to the extent, which requires an extension or alteration of the PWSSS.

Subsidy connection is an option if your residential building is located on the area, which falls within the network extension area approved by the City of Tallinn.

Subsidy connection (City of Tallinn compensates for the connection) can be undertaken if all of the following conditions are met:
• the street did not have the water and/or sewerage networks before and the client did not have the oportunity to have a direct connection to the street network;
• the construction permit for the building has been issued before 22.03.1999;
• the place of residence of the registered immovable owners in the Population Register is an address in Tallinn;
• buildings are situated on the land, the intended purpose of use of which is residential land;
• the registered immovable is included in the list of registered immovables agreed upon and set out in the contract between AS Tallinna Vesi and the City of Tallinn i.e. in the Network Extension Programme.