Sewer blockages

In the case of a blockage in the street network, please call our 24hrs Emergency Line 62 62 400. A blockage inside the property shall be removed by the owner of the building.

In order to prevent flooding in the event of a blockage or heavy rainfall, we recommend our customers to build the sewer system of such rooms which are located below the headwater level so that there is a safety valve or over-pumping system in order to protect these rooms, i.e. wastewater generated below the headwater level is pumped above that level and then discharged to the sewerage network. The aim of such solution is to prevent wastewater from flowing back to the house through pipes/openings located below the headwater level in the event of a blockage outside the building. However, please keep in mind that a safety valve alone might be insufficient because it stops the outflow of wastewater from the house when it closes, which might cause flooding on lower storeys by wastewater coming from an upper storey.