Smart water meters

It is a water meter that can collect the customer’s water consumption data independently by remote reading and automatically transmit it to Tallinna Vesi.

Tallinna Vesi is installing Axioma Qalcosonic W1 water meters produced in Lithuania, which use ultrasonic principle based measuring technology and are battery-powered. For the remote reading purpose, the meter is equipped with an embedded SIM-card (e-SIM) that communicates with the network and transmits the customer’s consumption data.

We install smart water meters for the contractual customers of Tallinna Vesi, following the Company’s regular water meter verification program. This means that this year new water meters will be installed for those customers who had their meter last verified 5 years ago, whose water metering unit is in good technical condition and built properly following the requirements set out by Tallinna Vesi. In addition, the smart water meters will be installed for all new connecting customers.

Once a smart water meter is installed for the customers, they are no longer required to report the reading.

A guide to reading your water meter can be found here. The water meter’s counter displays the meter read and the flow rate (current consumption). You can see the meter readings that we have received, by using Tallinna Vesi’s self-service. Please note that the data transmission only takes place once a day.

In case an error message is displayed on the counter (see here for details), both the meter reading and the error message will reach us at the very moment the error message occurs. Transmission interference does not affect meter operation or accuracy. In case the data transmission was not successful the first time, the meter will try to transmit the data again at the next scheduled time and Tallinna Vesi will receive the readings with a slight delay. In case an alarm is active, it is indicated by an icon on the meter display or by the “Warning” icon and the error code.

The regular verification interval in Estonia is 5 years regardless of whether it is a traditional mechanical or ultrasonic water meter.

For the remote reading purpose, the meter is equipped with an embedded SIM-card (e-SIM), that communicates with the network and transmits the customer’s consumption data. Network service is provided by Telia Eesti AS. Telia’s network collects data on the data collection platform and then transmits it to Tallinna Vesi.

Data transmission takes place once a day and the session lasts for a few seconds. In addition to the readings, the water meter sends critical alarm messages whenever they occur.

No, a smart meter meets all the requirements that apply in the European Union and is safe. Just like any other commonly used smart device, a smart meter uses mobile data communication to transfer data.

In addition to Tallinna Vesi, measurement accuracy expertise on water meters is performed by qualified laboratories that provide verification services such as Metrosert, Tepso, Aswega. Please note that the customer may not remove the water meter owned by Tallinna Vesi on its own and take it for an expertise. To this end, you should contact Tallinna Vesi, who will come and remove the water meter.

No, Tallinna Vesi is only installing smart water meters for contracted customers. That means we are installing the main water meter of the building. The maintenance, installation and inspection of additional water meters used in apartments is arranged by the apartment association.

We will start installing new smart water meters this summer. The plan is to cover all of Tallinn with smart water meters by 2026.

Apartment associations who have a smart water meter are no longer required to report water meter readings to Tallinna Vesi.

The replacing of a smart water meter is no different from the replacing of a traditional meter. The water meter is battery-powered and does not require separate power supply. There is no need for any additional sensors or cables in the customer’s water metering unit.

Replacing the water meter is free of charge for the contracted customers of Tallinna Vesi.

A new customer will get a smart water meter, provided that all the documents that are required to conclude the service contract are in place and the water metering unit is built properly following the technical requirements.

Currently, it is not possible to have a smart water meter installed by using an accelerated procedure. If such a possibility arises, we will separately inform about this.

No, therefore, water flowing through the water meter must not freeze. Please contact us if there is a risk that the water may freeze and we will remove the meter for free for the winter period and reinstall it in spring. Should the water meter be not removed for the winter period and freeze, the customer must reimburse the cost of the meter, which is approximately €80-100.

It is not advisable to store a drained water meter in a room where the air temperature drops below 0 °C. Low air temperatures may affect the water meter’s battery life. If there is a risk that the meter or water in the meter may freeze, it is reasonable to have the meter removed for the winter period.

No, the water meters are battery-powered. The battery is built in the meter and cannot be replaced.

In case the water meter is damaged, the meter immediately sends an alarm to Tallinna Vesi.