Service Contract

In case there is no consumption during wintertime, we recommend to let the water out from the water meter and pipes in order to avoid the risk of freezing. An even safer option would be to have the water meter removed. Removal and reinstallation of water meters are services carried out without charge.

According to the Service Contract, water meter readings shall be reported even if there is no actual water consumption. In case there is no consumption, you can arrange a Payment Plan.

If there is no water consumption over a longer period of time, we recommend to suspend the contract temporarily, close the water connection and remove the water meter in order for the water meter not to freeze during wintertime and to avoid the risk of leaking pipes within the property. For that purpose, please submit an application to us. Turning off/on the water supply are fee-charging services (except when turned off for winter period to avoid the risk of freezing). See the price list here (EST).

We do not conclude separate Service Contracts with apartment owners. The contract is signed with the authorised representative of the apartment association, real estate management company or apartment owners.

In order to terminate the Service Contract, you need to fill in the application to terminate the contract . Please inform us of your wish to terminate the Service Contract at least 15 working days in advance. After receiving the application, we will contact you in order to set a suitable time for dismantling the water meter and terminating the provision of services.
In case the property or residential building is transferred to a new owner, please provide the name and contact details of the new owner in the application to terminate the contract – if the new owner wishes to continue using the services, we will not turn off the water supply or remove the water meter.

In the case of common ownership, the Service Contract is signed with their authorised representative on the basis of a majority decision of the co-owners.

In order to sign the Service Contract, please submit:

  • filled application to sign the contract
  • document proving your ownership or possession (if necessary, we can issue the data on-site from the Land Register´s inquiry system)
  • letter of authority (if the land is in common ownership or if a third person is acting as a contractual representative). Co-owners can also sign the letter of authority digitally.

Customer relations are based on a bilateral services agreement expressing good will. This contract is the legal basis for offering our services and its existence provides the customers with confidence that they are supplied with high quality drinking water and that their wastewater is discharged in an environmentally friendly manner.

Service Contract is concluded with the property owner or possessor after the property has been connected to the public water supply and/or sewerage network.

The distribution of responsibility between the water undertaking and the customer for a good condition of the pipeline is determined by the connection point which is fixed in the boundary drawing signed as an annex to the Service Contract.