If the actual water meter reading has not been reported at the time set in the contract, we issue an estimated bill. This means that we issue a bill for the reading calculated on the basis of the last 12 months’ average water consumption. If the average consumption of the last 12 months is ≤0, the daily consumption shall be 0.33 m3. This is a statistical average daily consumption. An estimated bill may not reflect the actual consumption. In order for us to be able to correct the estimated bill, please report your actual water meter reading.

In order to avoid receiving an estimated bill, please report your actual water meter reading within the last 5 days of the billing period agreed or the first 5 days of the next billing period.
In case you do not wish to report the readings, we suggest you arrange a Payment Plan.

With a Payment Plan you can report your water meter reading only once a year and throughout the year you would pay for the services on the basis of the average consumption agreed in the Payment Plan. At the end of the payment period, a meter reading shall be reported and used to settle the actual consumption against billing. A Payment Plan is the most suitable option for a private customer whose billing is based on one water meter. A Payment Plan would be convenient also for small offices. A payment Plan is signed for 10 months. If the Payment Plan expires and the new plan has not been signed, the main contract would continue to be applied.
The prerequisites for signing a Payment Plan:

  • The actual meter reading of the last month billed
  • The existence of 12 months’ consumption history
  • A contract with standard terms has been signed. In the absence thereof the contract will be renewed.

Please contact us to sign a Payment Plan.

E-invoice standing order agreements can be signed in an internet bank or branches. To sign an E-invoice standing order agreement you need the reference number which you can find in your invoice. In addition to the signing of an E-invoice standing order agreement, you also need to order an E-invoice. E-invoice can also be ordered in the internet bank, branches and at and

Everybody willing to sign an E-invoice standing order agreement can do that. In order for the E-invoice standing order agreement signed by a third person to take effect, an E-invoice with limited information needs to be ordered. E-invoice with limited information can be ordered at Swedbank’s internet bank and branches, SEB and Danske Bank’s branches and at

Each customer can subscribe to a reminder about paying the bill and/or reporting the water meter reading. In case you have subscribed to such service, the reminder gets sent automatically, even if you have already paid the bill by that time.
In case you no longer wish to receive the reminders, you can unsubscribe to this service in our Self Service environment. You may also send your request to us by e-mail:

In case you are facing problems with paying your water bills, please contact us by e-mail: or call our Customer Line: 62 62 200. Together we will find the best solution.

Since the summer of 2022, we no longer offer new customers the possibility of resettling the sewerage service charge for water used for gardening purposes. For all existing customers, we will continue to offer this option only until the end of 2023. The most eco-friendly way to water your plants is by using collected rainwater. The long periods of drought in recent years have clearly pointed out that we need to change our attitude towards clean drinking water by taking it as an important natural resource that must be consumed sparingly.