2010: Background information about the agenda

1. Why are Supervisory Council members re-elected?

The Company has decided to recall and re-elect all elected Supervisory Council members due to the need to harmonise the terms of office of the elected members of the Council, as the end dates of their terms have come to vary over the years

2. Why is the dividends proposal as it is?

Before deciding on this proposal the Management Board of AS Tallinna Vesi undertook a thorough review of its cash flows for the next business plan period to ensure that the Company would be able to fully comply with all operational standards and meet its contractual requirements.

The Company engages in regular dialogue with all the major shareholders. During these meetings all the majority shareholders have expressed their views on the range of dividends they feel it would be appropriate to pay to the owners of the company in 2010. The Company has taken these points of view into account.

As a result of all of the above factors the Management Board of AS Tallinna Vesi made a proposal to make a dividend payment in 2010 of 500 010 000 EEK (EUR 31,956,463) from AS Tallinna Vesi’s retained earnings as at 31.12.2009 to its Supervisory Council on 21 April 2010. The complete Supervisory Council reviewed this proposal and the analysis made by the Management Board and voted to accept the proposal- This is now included in the agenda for the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders that will take place on 18 May 2010.

The final decision to approve the amount of dividends to be paid in 2010 will be made by the shareholders of AS Tallinna Vesi at this meeting.