Tallinna Vesi only visits customers by prior arrangement

AS Tallinna Vesi has received information that a person presenting himself as employee of Tallinn Vesi has attempted to enter the consumer’s home for the purpose of taking a water sample. According to the scheme, the person calls the customer and presents himself as an employee of  Tallinna Vesi, wanting to come and take a water sample from the apartment.

The inspectors of Tallinna Vesi only visit the customers by prior arrangement. The reason for such visit may be a regular or emergency water meter exchange or a water sample taken from the client‘s property. Inspectors of Tallinna Vesi only drive cars that can be recognized by company logos, wear work clothes with Tallinna Vesi’s logo, and present their work certificate.

We would also like to draw attention on the phone number. Tallinna Vesi always calls the customer to set up a suitble time for performing the work , using the the company phone number, beginning with 62 62

In case the customer is in doubt about the persons who have contacted her/him, we suggest calling our customer information line at 62 62 200 and checking if this is a visit arranged by the inspector of Tallinna Vesi. In addition, it is certainly helpful to keep the home door locked at all times and the police should certainly be informed in such cases.