Drinking water quality

Almost 90% of our customers in Tallinn (in Kesklinna, Lasnamäe, Mustamäe, Põhja-Tallinna, Kristiine and Haabersti city districts), but also in the City of Maardu, in Muuga, in Pirita and partially in Harku, drink surface water. Nearly 10% of the residents of Tallinn drink local groundwater. These areas include Nõmme, Laagri, Merivälja, Pirita, Tiskre, the City of Saue and Tiskre village in Harku Rural Municipality.

Health Board and Tallinna Vesi laboratories are new using the new water analysis method Colilert-18. The new method is quicker, more precise and sensitive meaning that there have been more coli-like bacterias discovered, which are environmental bacterias. These bacterias are not dangerous to people’s health. More thorough information about the method can be found at the Health Board’s page in Estonian.

Average water quality parameters in 2019:

Average water quality parameters in 2018: