Traffic will be restricted on Tehnika Street starting from tomorrow

From 04/08/2023 to 21/08/2023, traffic on Tehnika Street in Tallinn and its immediate vicinity is restricted due to the need to renovate the wastewater collector. Public transport continues to operate on its normal route.

Please look for more information on the work planned here: Tehnika Street stages.

AS Tallinna Vesi will start the work to renovate the wastewater collector on Tehnika Street on 4 August in order to prevent possible flooding events and the subsidence of the road in the area. The renovation works will be carried out mainly using a no-dig method (cured in place pipe lining, or CIPP), allowing to carry out large-scale pipeline works efficiently, saving the environment and with less disturbance for residents. The wastewater disposal service in the area will not be interrupted. All closures will ensure passage to operational services, public transport and local residents with access to their homes remaining in the area of renovation work.

“The monitoring analysis of the pipelines show that at places the wastewater collector on Tehnika Street is sagging and therefore the renovation works can no longer be postponed. These works are necessary to ensure the continuity of the vital service and postponing the works would result in too high risks of floodings, disruption to wastewater drainage and of environmental damage,” Chief Asset Management Officer of AS Tallinna Vesi Tarvi Thomberg said. He also added that the plan is to complete the works even before the beginning of September, carrying out the works at an accelerated pace and working in two shifts.

The wastewater collector in Tehnika Street was built in 1937 and is of strategic importance, serving an area with a high number of consumers (over 200 buildings), collecting both wastewater and storm water. Flow rates in this part of the service area can be as high as 2500 m3/h.

“It is important for us to progress with renovation work in a high quality and efficient manner and with as little impact as possible on the day-to-day functioning of the City’s traffic. We will start working at 8:00 in the morning and finish at 01:00 in the night. We appreciate the understanding from local residents for any excessive noise on Tehnika Street during more intense days, which can disrupt the normal rhythm of life. We apologize for any inconvenience and do everything in our power to get the work done as soon as possible,” said Thomberg.

For the time of the works, a separate temporary overpumping system will be established which will ensure that the wastewater disposal service in the area is provided throughout the time of works.

AS Tallinna Vesi asks road users to follow the temporary traffic arrangement and, if possible, to choose an alternative route.

For mor information:
Ph: 62 62 200