Tallinna Vesi does not perform water tests at customer premises

It has been brought to our attention that persons presenting themselves as staff of Tallinna Vesi have tried to enter customer premises for the purpose of taking water samples and selling water filters afterwards. At first, customers receive a telephone call, asking if they are satisfied with water quality, after which they are offered a free water test that can be carried out at their premises. After performing the water test, the customers are advised to purchase an expensive water filter.

Please be advised that these persons do not work for Tallinna Vesi. None of the home use tests allow to analyse water quality regarding the compliance of quality parameters set out in the law, which is the reason why Tallinna Vesi does not perform such analyses.

The staff of Tallinna Vesi only visit customers to replace water meters or take water samples that are further taken for analysis to an accredited laboratory. The staff of Tallinna Vesi only drive cars that can be recognized by company logos, they wear work clothes with a company logo and present a company identity card.

Regular water analyses confirm that the water in the service area of Tallinna Vesi is 99% compliant with the high standards set out for the drinking water quality and tap water does not require any further filtering. Tallinna Vesi does not sell or distribute water filters to customers.

In case you have any doubt about the persons who have contacted you, we suggest you call our Customer Service line at 626 2200 and check if this is a visit paid by the staff of Tallinna Vesi.

We kindly ask the housing associations also to provide this information to their members.