You can read the Privacy Policy of AS Tallinna Vesi here. (Approved on 25 May 2018)

The controller is AS Tallinna Vesi (address at Ädala 10, Tallinn, phone 6262200, e-mail If ASTV has appointed any authorised processors, ASTV shall remain responsible for their activities and the authorised processors shall fully adhere to ASTV’s principles of processing personal data. The authorised processors are following:

1) Prominion (former IP Kõnekeskuste OÜ) (aadress Mustamäe tee 16, Tallinn, telefon 6999099, e-posti aadress;

2) AS EMOR (aadress Maakri tn 21, Tallinn, telefon 6268500, e-posti aadress;

3) AS Fitek (aadress Tartu mnt 43, Tallinn, telefon 6519000, e-posti aadress