AS Tallinna Vesi starts reconstruction of digesters producing biogas

AS Tallinna Vesi signed a public contract with RVT Ehitus and Mapri Ehitus for the reconstruction of digesters producing biogas in the Wastewater Treatment Plant at Paljassaare.

According to Aleksandr Timofejev, Chairman of the Management Board of AS Tallinna Vesi, this is a major investment that will allow to increase the biogas production in digesters so that Tallinna Vesi will be able to produce from biogas all the heat and electricity needed for the wastewater treatment process.

AS Tallinna Vesi organized a procurement for the reconstruction of digesters in the Wastewater Treatment Plant at Paljassaare, resulting in a contract with RVT Ehitus OÜ and OÜ Mapri Ehitus. The contractual amount of reconstruction works will be €3,843,794.38 plus VAT.

According to the contract, the design and reconstruction of digesters in the Wastewater Treatment Plant at Paljassaare must be duly completed within 34 months of the conclusion of the contract. The tasks of the contractor will include preparing an operational building design documentation based on the existing preliminary building design documentation, performing concrete repairs on digesters, ordering and installing any equipment in need of modernization, installing new power and weak current installations, upgrading automation, creating parallel operation capability, installing an anti-foaming agent sprinkler system and keeping the running digester in operation.

According to Timofejev, Tallinna Vesi started mapping its CO2 footprint two years ago and the Company has taken aim at reducing the environmental impact of its activities. In order to reduce the footprint, 100% of electricity used at the Company’s facilities and in the treatment process is now generated from renewable sources. The Company is constantly investing in technologies that reduce environmental footprint.

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