2021: Measures taken in the general meeting due to COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 situation in the Republic of Estonia and the consequent measures taken to protect the health of all shareholders and participants in the general meeting, AS Tallinna Vesi urges the shareholders, if possible, to participate in the general meeting either by appointing an authorised representative or by voting electronically before the general meeting. Our recommendation is to appoint Mrs Mailis Kullerkupp, Chief Lawyer of AS Tallinna Vesi, as the representative, whom you can give precise instructions to vote on your behalf on each agenda item. The relevant proxy form is available here. This allows you to vote as you desire without convening in one room with many other people, and reduces the risk of catching a disease.

To minimise the risk of spread of infection, no coffee or refreshments are provided to the participants.

If you deem it important to participate in the general meeting in person, please notify us definitely of your intention by e-mail to laura.korjus@tvesi.ee by 31/05/2021 at the latest, to allow us to make the necessary preparations to comply with all requirements established due to the COVID-19 situation and ensure the safety of all participants.

The shareholders participating in the general meeting in person must follow the instructions and orders given for the protection of the health of participants. The persons who have virus symptoms (cough, cold, fever) will not be allowed to attend the meeting.

AS Tallinna Vesi reserves the right to cancel the general meeting if holding the meeting does not appear to be reasonably possible or there is too much risk involved due to the COVID-19 situation, either because of the number of participants or for other reasons.