Summary of AS Tallinna Vesi’s webinar

Today, on the 25th of April 2017, AS Tallinna Vesi held an investor conference webinar where Chairman of the Board Karl Heino Brookes and Chief Financial Officer Riina Käi introduced the performance during the first quarter of 2017.

AS Tallinna Vesi would like to correct an error made in the presentation at the webinar by stating the amount of the potential deferred dividend to be 46 cents per A-share. The correct number is 36 cents per A-share. The error has been corrected in the presentation, which is up on AS Tallinna Vesi’s website. No changes were currently made in the dividend policy and the proposal is to pay 54 cents per A-share and 600 euros per B-share in June 2017.

AS Tallinna Vesi would like to thank all participants. Webinar recording is available here. Presentation is available in here.

Riina Käi

AS Tallinna Vesi

Chief Financial Officer

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