The proposed general meeting notice agenda items and any additional agenda items that have been submitted in accordance with the requirements of the law as well as their respective proposals of resolutions or explanations are also available at the headquarters of Plc Tallinna Vesi at Ädala 10, Tallinn at the Legal department from 10.00–12.00am and from 2.00–4.00pm (GMT+2) on each working day until 23rd May, 2011 (inclusive).

In order to have access to the documents, shareholders must present a valid identification document with a photo, whereas authorized representatives must present a valid identification document with a photo along with a valid power-of-attorney.

The documents can be studied at the venue of the general meeting on 24th May, 2011 from 8.30 (GMT+2) until the end of the general meeting. Excerpts of the documents may be made by hand. A reasonable service fee may be charged for making copies.