Paljassaare Wastewater Treatment Plant

Tours at Paljassaare Wastewater Treatment Plant

During the tours to the plant we introduce the treatment process used to treat the sewage and stormwater collected from Tallinn and neighbouring municipalities. We also explain what we do with sludge and how we use biogas produced in the treatment process.

Pupils from schools starting from the 9th grade are welcome to visit the plant. For safety reasons, the groups of more than 15 youngsters must be accompanied by at least 2 adults.

Paljassaare Wastewater Treatment Plant is located in Tallinn at Paljassaare põik 14. How to get there – Google Maps. 

NB! Please note that due to the specific nature of the functions of a wastewater treatment plant, some unforeseen circumstances may occur (e.g. heavy downpour), during which the members of our staff might be too busy to guide the tours in the plant. This may lead to cancelling the tours that have been fixed beforehand. We apologise for any inconvenience!

Between December and March, we do not conduct tours at the Paljasaare wastewater treatment plant.

To fix the time for a tour please contact: Merlyn Paltsmar, 62 62 446.