Maintenance works in Muuga area

We are carrying out maintenance works in Muuga area, which have caused fluctuations in water pressure. Fluctuations in water pressure temporarily affect the water quality, so the water may be more turbid than usual. In particular, sediment is released from the surface of the pipeline, which might end up in consumer´s devices and clog them.

For solving the problem, we will flush the house connection where necessary and compensate the half the cost of water consumption in July these customers. The reason for the sediment on the surface of the pipeline is the fact that drinking water always contains a small amount of dissolved organic and inorganic matter and microorganisms that partially settle in the water network. More sediment accumulates on filters and sieves.

We have invested in innovative ice-pigging technology for more efficient maintenance of water mains. It is a process in which a mass of ice is pumped into a pipe and passed through it to remove sediment and other unwanted deposits. As of next year, we will have the opportunity to clean pipelines in the Muuga region using a new method.

We confirm that the water is still safe for consumption and apologize for any inconvenience.