Applications and general terms and conditions

Our wish is to develop public water supply and sewerage systems in the whole service area. This will enable to reduce the risk of possible environment contamination caused by the lack of water supply and sewerage systems or the pipes that are in poor condition. The biggest concern is those private housing areas, which do not have a public sewerage system and where wastewater may easily soak through the ground, contaminating the ground water, as these are the areas where consumers are often supplied with drinking water from the ground water resources. Connection process is required in case the property does not have a connection to the public water supply and/or sewerage system or in case you wish to reconstruct your current connections.

General terms of the connection contract (EST)

General terms of the service contract (EST)

Application for technical specifications (EST)

As of 01.04.2020, AS Tallinna Vesi only allows the companies who have met the requirements of a tender organized by AS Tallinna Vesi to construct the supply points for connecting to the systems of AS Tallinna Vesi:


Company Rating (1-7)
Altmer OÜ
Watercom OÜ
Megido OÜ
Viimsi Keevitus AS
AS Merko Ehitus Eesti
Saveka Torutööd OÜ koos Santeh-Ehituse OÜ-ga
RIA Stanteks OÜ
AS EG Ehitus koos InfraRoad OÜga
AS KE Infra
OÜ Baurexi koos Algera Infra OÜ-ga
Terrat AS
Vensen AS