Interactive map showing the free drinking water taps open in Tallinn

Tallinna Vesi opened the public drinking water taps in Tallinn at the beginning of May. This year, a new drinking water tap was installed and is available for the public at the start of Kopli Beach promenade on Sepa Street. Tallinn has a total of nine public drinking water taps across the city. 

Find the locations of the public drinking water taps in Tallinn on an interactive map. View the map here.

You can find the public drinking water taps on Viru Street, Harju Street, in Police Park, the cycle and pedestrian track on Järvevana Road, Kadriorg Park, on Kalaranna Road, in Danish King’s Garden, and near Löwenruh Park on Algi Street. This spring, a new tap has been set up in Kopli Lines, the area with increasing popularity among the public, near the parking lot of the beach promenade.

According to Aleksandr Timofejev, Chief Operating Officer of Tallinna Vesi, with the public drinking water taps available in Tallinn, one is able to make environmentally friendly choices at any time. “Our purpose is to make it as convenient as possible for consumers to prefer tap water, and public drinking water taps are one of the best solutions for this in summer,” said Timofejev.

The drinking water taps allow you to quickly quench your thirst whilst jogging and fill the water bottle during walks, as well as wash your hands or fruits. “This way, you can bring benefits to the environment, yourself and your budget, because you don’t need to buy bottled water or packaged snacks,” said Timofejev. All these water taps are equipped with a self-closing faucet to prevent unnecessary water wastage.

You can have fresh tap water with controlled quality from all public drinking water taps. According to Timofejev, water samples are taken from these taps before opening for summer to make sure the water is of good quality.