Gardening water

In order to have an additional meter for the settlement of gardening water installed, you must prepare a water metering unit compliant with the requirements. More detailed information can be found in the technical requirements for water measuring units in the chapter “Irrigation water meter”, see the technical requirements here (EST).

a technical diagram (EST) of which can be found here. In order to have a water metering unit built, we ask you to contact some of the companies performing the plumbing works and draw their attention to the requirements of Tallinna Vesi, as the meter will only be installed in a water metering unit which is built following these principles.

Please consider that the construction of a metering unit and installation of an additional water meter are carried out at the customer’s expense, the customer must also pay for the verification of the gardening water meter every five years. The price list for the installation and verification of the gardening water meter can be found here.

After completion of the compliant water metering unit, please complete the application (EST) in our self-service environment or contact our Customer Service to set up the instalment of an additional water meter.

Main and additional water meter readings must be reported on time set in the contract.